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Caring people, an NGO based in MORADABAD (INDIA) is a renowned name in the field of social welfare program. As the name suggests, this organization is run by the people who dare to dream differently, the people who think beyond the bread & butter, the people who think themselves as the “citizens of the world”. And this belief that ‘we are citizens of the world’ has given rise to Caring People. Caring people has done many social activities like arranging blood donation camps, motivating the people to fill the pledge forms for eye donation, contributing in crisis management like supporting the people in the natural calamities, accidents, overcoming superstitions etc.

 Mr. Sanjeev GoelTalking about the people behind this movement, this organization is a brain child of Mr. Sanjeev Goel, a reputed social worker & a renowned businessmen in Moradabad (INDIA). Mr. Goel has spent a lot of his time to the cause of humanity. He is respected in the society for his many social endeavors. Born on 29th Nov. 1968 in Amroha (INDIA) Mr. Goel had started to take an active interest in social activities from the days of his college. In 1992 he started a social welfare organization “Jagrati Kendra” (Center for awareness). He did a lot many social activities in his area through “Jagrati Kendra”. Later on, this movement gained strength and became the biggest social institute in the city of Moradabad.

Behind the successful social career of Mr.Goel lies the unconditional support of his family- his parents, his siblings and his wife. These were the values of his parents Mr. Dinesh Chandra Goel & Mrs. Alka Goel that motivated Mr. Sanjeev to start this noble mission. In this mission he was also supported by his siblings, his elder brother Mr. Rajeev Goel & younger sister Mrs. Manisha Agarwal. He got married to Ms. Anjali in 2001. In Anjali he found a companion who supported all his social endeavors, who motivated him to think big.

Let’s come back to the belief of “citizen of the world” , in Indian culture we have this concept called “Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam” existing thousands of years back. It is this concept that has motivated the present endeavors of Caring People i.e. this website-www.blooddonations.org . This is an attempt to bring the people of the world at one platform to serve a good purpose that is to provide detailed information about a willing blood donor near the place it is needed.

We are sure that citizens of the world would associate themselves with this mission and make this world some what more communicated.

Finally Mr. Sanjeev says “I've always dreamt to serve humanity and kept on thinking to do something worldwide as I don’t believe in the boundaries. Finally I feel very proud after executing my dream project. I thank to all volunteers who have register with this site and also those who have been associated in this project".

Caring People
Sanjeev Goel
Kothiwal Nagar,
Moradabad- 244 001, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA.
Tel/Fax: +91-591-2314614
Mobile: +91-9412235270

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